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It's really unfortunate that netbooks, as a category, died out. Even though they were only ever powerful enough to handle the absolute basics, loads of people loved them for their portability and low cost. Today, if you're looking for something really small and light, you're going to have to choose between tablets and slim laptops, many of which are quite expensive.

The closest things to classic netbooks today are the hybrid tablets that a lot of companies are putting out. Some try to hit low price points by using flimsy keyboards, and while you can get some work done with those, they're generally uncomfortable and difficult to use on the go.

 Asus has taken a slightly different approach with its Transformer Book series over the years. The device is still essentially a tablet with a keyboard accessory, but it's a lot more solid and functionally similar to a clamshell netbook. All the components are behind the screen, which makes the upper half thicker than the lower half. When detached, you have a fully functional touchscreen Windows tablet.

With these modern touches in a throwback size and shape, let's see if the T100HA is the portable computer you've been waiting for.

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