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Beats X Bluetooth Wireless

Beats X Bluetooth Wireless
Beats X Bluetooth Wireless
Beats X Bluetooth Wireless
Beats X Bluetooth Wireless
Beats X Bluetooth Wireless
Beats X Bluetooth Wireless
Beats X Bluetooth Wireless
  • ✮ FREE CARRY CASE ✮ UNBELIEVABLE EARPHONES SOUND QUALITY: Under Limited Offer they come with Carry Case. Also the Top-notch speakers and the ultimate in Bluetooth connectivity (4.1 and apt-X) work together to create a memorable listening experience. Noise cancellation makes you enjoy a clear sound in noisy occasion and Powerful rechargeable battery provide 5 hours of Talking/Playing time or 175 hours of standby.
  • ✮ BEST FOR WORKOUT AND SUPERBLY COMFORTABLE: Rubber adapters and unique design ensure that earphones always stay in place while Running, Jogging, Cycling, Gyming, etc. Invisible nano-coating technology protects earbuds against sweat during running and workouts.
  • ✮ EASY TO USE: Compatible with most Bluetooth devices, pairing up takes just a matter of seconds. The simple user interface on one of the earphones allows you to adjust the volume, pause, select songs, and answer/hang up calls completely effortlessly
  • ✮ STRIKING APPEAL: Designed to exude that perfect mix between debonair style and sporty sensibility, these headphones are the perfect accessory for any workout activity. Whether you're pumping some iron or out hiking, be prepared to turn a couple of heads.
  • ✮ WATCH IMPORTANT PAIRING INSTRUCTIONS ON YOUTUBE: ✮ INCREDIBLY DURABLE: Built to weather even your most gruesome exercise, this headset is sure to last. The toughness is backed up by a lifetime warranty, allowing you to have absolute peace of mind. Click the Orange button to order Now!

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